Wheeler’s Wee Farmers

at the
Litchfield Fair Interactive Agricultural Learning Center for Children

It is Litchfield Fair’s constant objective to continue to support agriculture in our state, community and with our children. We plan to do this through our Wheeler’s Wee Farmers Interactive Learning Center by showing children of all ages the origin of our foods, some of the hard work that goes into farming as well as the great rewards that can be achieved with what we do as farmers.

We would like to welcome all to participate with the gathering, sowing, and selling of the wares to be found in our Farmer’s fields and barns. Also of course, enjoying the fruits of your labor at the end is important.

It is with appreciation and gratitude to The Alice Wheeler Memorial Fund of Lotta Rock Farm for making the Agricultural Learning Center possible. Alice was a local dairy farmer and was a big supporter of our local fairs, Litchfield in particular. She enjoyed helping kids understand the importance and value of farming and promoting an agricultural way of life.